What is it? 


The TufPupper Soggy Doggy Fun Run is an exciting 1.2 mile obstacle course mud-filled race to do with your dog. Whether you have a trail partner, active sport dog, K9, or just a fun pet, you’re sure to enjoy this race. You can run it alone or with friends. Competitors without a dog are welcome to participate as well. The obstacles are a combination of challenges that includes pond/stream crossings (location dependent), mud crawls, embankment climbs, tunnel crawls, hay bales, and much more!

Entry includes one ticket for a runner and dog team, and a TufPupper t-shirt.

Through our online store, you can pre-pay and sign up for a time slot. Simply show up and check in during that hour and we will release you to run with adequate space between other teams.

We will also allow sign ups at the event, on a first-come-first-served basis.



Stay tuned!


To be announced.

Cost $36 pre-pay, $40 at event



  • The Democrat Challenge- run through a field with open borders.

  • The Republican Challenge- climb over the wall or tunnel underneath it. Just make sure you have your papers!

  • Armed Forces Challenge- each branch has its own unique obstacle.

  • Huck Finn Challenge- cross the pond by either swimming, rafting, or paddling in a boat across (life jackets for people and dogs will be provided for anyone wanting them).*

  • Slip & Slide- into what? You’ll find out!

  • Teeter Totter- are you going to teeter or totter?

  • Straw bale climb- traverse our Pure Michigan© haystacks.

  • Sand Hill Scramble- scramble up an embankment using a rope, or just your arms and legs.*

  • Plank Walk- walk across a 12” wide platform 2’ off the ground

  • Wheel barrow- push your dog 20 yards in a wheel barrow.

  • Window Wall Jumps- jump through a 2-3’ high window in a wall.

  • G.I. Joe- army crawl through a 36” tall tunnel.

  • A-Frame- climb up and over a A-Frame structure.

  • Tire Jumps- jump, crawl, or squat through tires.

  • Embankment Climb- use a rope to pull yourself up an embankment.*

    *Obstacles will vary based on location’s natural features and availability.

More questions? Email us at Tufpupper@gmail(dot)com